Slow Looking: A Lecture/Demonstration

OHOP Promo Pic“Slow Looking: The Art of Looking at Art” is a new art appreciation lecture / demonstration designed specifically for undergraduate and graduate classes in art appreciation, or for graduating studio artists.

This one-time course typically lasts one and one-half hours and will teach time-tested techniques to those looking at art to slow down enough to be fully open and attentive to what they are looking at.  Too often the habits acquired in visiting museums and galleries encourage haste and superficiality.  In studio, the practice of slow looking makes for richer, more deeply experienced results.

Peter begins the session with a half-hour introduction to the history and philosophy of the practices of meditation and contemplation.  He then moves in to a practical demonstration of the process of slow looking which he has developed for the popular “Art of Looking” series that he has been holding for small groups at museums and galleries for over fifteen years.  The session ends with a half-hour for discussion and questions.

The experience has been universally received as exciting, rewarding and highly valuable for studio artists in their own creative process, or art history and art appreciation students.

We are currently booking Peter for the Fall Semester (Fall 2014) in the Southern California area.

If you are interested in learning more about the series and how you can bring Peter Clothier to your college, university, or gallery, please email Maggie at

Some Testimonials about Slow Looking: The Art of Looking at Art:

  • A surprising, profound, beautiful and worthwhile experience.
  • Every time I opened my eyes, I was surprised by how much I hadn’t seen before.
  • The time went so quickly, I couldn’t believe it was an hour! I’m seeing [the painting] entirely differently–the myriad of layers is fascinating…
  • I came away with the feeling that, if I never saw it again, this painting would be with me for the rest of my life. I owned it.
  • I found this a FANTASTIC experience. Fell in love with the painting as I dove deeper into it. The colors made me feel safe and secure. The groundedness felt real and right. LOVED the spiritual quality of this work and this process.